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Academic Services Division

M.A M.A. Subject Communication, M.A. (Educational Communication) M.A. (Distance Education) M.Sc (Educational Communication)

School Of Humanities & Social Sciences

M41 M.A. Marathi Semester-I & III Year 2016-17
M42 M.A. Hindi Semester-I & III Year 2016-17
M43 M.A. English Semester-I & III Year 2016-17
P16 M.Lib & I.Sc
P04 B.Lib & I.Sc
G12 B.A. Urdu
  F.Y.All Courses  EVS202 S.Y.,T.Y.(ECO) S.Y.,T.Y (HIS)
  S.Y.,T.Y.(URD) S.Y.,T.Y.(POL) S.Y.,T.Y.(PSY) S.Y.,T.Y.(SOC)
G11 F.Y. S.Y. T.Y. EVS203
G01 F.Y. S.Y. T.Y.  EVS201

School of Commerce Management

P08 Diploma in Cooperative Management
P72 Bachelor in Cooperative Management (B.C.M.)
P79 M.B.A. (2015 Pattern) Sem I
P79 M.B.A. (2015 Pattern) Sem III
M17 M.Com Sem I
M17 M.Com Sem III
G02 F.Y. S.Y. T.Y. EVS204

School of Architecture, Science and Technology

V28 B.Des (Patter 2014)
V45 B.Sc. Actuarial Science (V45)
V96 B.Sc. Actuarial Science (V96)
V46 M.Sc. Actuarial Science(V46)
V34/V58 M.Sc. Environmental Science (V34 and V58)
V57 M.Sc. Mathematics (Sem I)
V57 M.Sc. Mathematics (Sem III)
V92 B.Sc. Regular

School Of Computer Science

P30 B.Sc. BIS
P32 B.C.A.Old
P131 B.C.A. New
P133 B.Sc. Industrial Science 
P141 Diploma in industrial science
P142 Diploma in Computing (Pattern 2016)
T60 Advanced Diploma in Computing

School Of Education

M62 M.A. Education (New)
M12 M.A. Education (Old)
P10 Diploma In School Management (DSM)
C31 Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)