M.B.A. Syllabus And Books
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  M.B.A. Syllabus & Books
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(GEN101, GEN103, GEN104, GEN105, GEN121, GEN203)
 SEM-I MBA101 Accounting & Finance For Managers Book Syllabus
  MBA102 Bussines Environment Book Syllabus
  MBA103 Economics for Managers Book Syllabus
  MBA104 Management Process & Organisational Behaviour Book Syllabus
  MBA105 Research Methodology and Communication Book Syllabus
 Sem-II MBA201 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance Book  
  MBA202 Quantitative Techniques In Management Book  
  MBA203 Production and Operation Management Book  
  MBA204 Marketing Management Book  
  MBA205 Human Resource Management  Book  
Sem-III MBA301 Strategic Management Book  
  MBA302 International Business And International Trade  Book  
  MMG301 Manufacturing Strategy Book  
  MMG302 Supply Chain Management Book  
  MMG303 World Class Manufacturing  Book  
  MMG304 Production Planning & Control  Book  
  HRM301 Organisational Change and Development Book  
  HRM302 Human Resource Planning Book  
  HRM303 Managing Interpersonal & Group Processes Book  
  HRM304 International Human Resource Management Book  
  FMG301 Corporate Finance Book  
  FMG302 Indian Financial System and Management of Financial Institutions Book  
  FMG303 Management of Financial Services Book  
  FMG304 Securities Analysis_Portfolio Management Book  
  MKG301 Marketing Research Book  
  MKG302 Advertising and Sales Promotion Book  
  MKG303 Industrial Marketing Book  
  MKG304 Services Marketing Book  
Sem-IV MKG401Consumer Behaviour Book  
  MKG402 Sales and Distribution Management Book  
  MKG403 Retail Marketing Book  
  MKG404 Rural Marketing Book  
  MKG405 International Marketing Book  
  MMG401 Total Quality Management and Six Sigma Book  
  MMG402 Project Management Book  
  MMG403 Enterprise Resource Planning Book  
  MMG404 Services and Operations Management Book  
  MBA401 Business Laws Book  
  MBA402 MIS Book  
  FMG401Taxation  Book  
  FMG402 Banking And Bank Finance Book  
  FMG403 International Finance Book  
  FMG404 Management Control Systems Book  
  HRM401 Industrial Relations & Labour Legislation Book  
  HRM402 Management of Training and Development Book  
  HRM403 Human Resource Development Book  
  HRM404 Performance and Reward Management Book