M.Com Syllabus And Books
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Program Part Semester Course Name  Click For Book Syllabus
    Audit Courses
(GEN101, GEN103, GEN104, GEN105, GEN121, GEN203)
Part - I Sem - I Com111: Management Accounting - I Book Syllabus
    Com112: Management Accounting - II Book Syllabus
    BEG101: Business  Entrepreneurship I  Book   
    BEG102: Business  Entrepreneurship II (BEG102) Book (BEG102)  
    BFG101: Financial Markets And Financial Institutions Book  (BFG101)  
    BFG102: Financial Markets And Institutions in India  Book   
    ACG101: Advanced Accounting - I Book  
    ACG102: Advanced Accounting - II Book  
    CAG101: Advanced Cost Accounting - I Book  
    CAG102: Advanced Cost Accounting - II Book  
Part - I Sem - II COM231: Business Economics-I Book  
    COM232: Business Economics-II Book  
    ACG201: AUDITING - I Book  
    ACG202: AUDITING - II Book  
    BFG201: Banking and Finance Group I Book  
    BFG202: Banking and Finance Group II Book  
    CAG201: Advanced Cost Accounting - III Book  
    CAG202: Advanced Cost Accounting - IV Book  
    BEG201: Business Entrepreneurship - III Book  
    BEG202: Business Entrepreneurship-IV Book  
Part - II Sem - III COM331: Strategic Management - I Book  
    COM332: Strategic Management - II Book  
    ACG301: Direct Taxes Book  
    ACG302: Indirect Taxes Book  
    BFG301: Banking Laws And Operations - I Book  
    BFG302: Banking Laws And Operations - II Book  
    BEG301: Business Entrepreneurship - V Book  
    BEG302: Business Entrepreneurship- VI Book  
    CAG301:Cost and Management Audit I Book  
    CAG302:Cost and Management Audit II Book  
Part - II Sem - IV COM431:Corporate Finance and Laws-I Book  
    COM432:Corporate Finance and Laws-II Book  
    COM433: Research Methodology - I Book  
    COM434: Research Methodology - II Book