School Of Education
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Sr.No. Prog.
01 P01 EDU101 EDU102 EDU201 EDU206 EDU207
    EDU209 EDU120.1  EDU120.2  EDU120.3  EDU120.4 
    EDU127.1  EDU127.2 EDU127.3 EDU127.4 EDU127.5
    EDU127.6 EDU127.7 EDU127.8 EDU127.9  
02 M04 EDU005 EDU008 EDU010 EDU011 EDU012
    EDU013 EDU014 EDU015 EDU018 EDU055
    EDU056 EDU057      
03 M12 EDU501 EDU503 EDU504 EDU511 EDU512
    EDU513 EDU515 GEN101 GEN103 GEN104
    GEN105 GEN121-
GEN122 GEN204