School Of Health Sciences
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Sr.No. Prog.
01 C5K HSC286 HSC287 HSC288    
 02 C52 HSC010        
 03 C55 HSC011 HSC012 HSC013    
 04 P23 HSC101 HSC102 HSC103 HSC104  
 05 P25 HSC120 HSC121 HSC122 HSC123  
    HSC124 HSC125 HSC126 HSC127  
 06 P26 HSC136 HSC137 HSC138 HSC139 HSC140
    HSC146 HSC147 HSC148 HSC149 HSC150
    HSC156 HSC157 HSC158 HSC159 HSC160
 07 P27 HSC120 HSC122 HSC124 HSC125 HSC127
 08 P38   HSC232 HSC233   HSC235
    HSC241 HSC242   HSC244 HSC245
    HSC251 HSC252 HSC253 HSC254 HSC255
 09 P39 HSC286 HSC287 HSC288 HSC291 HSC292
 10 P40 HSC110 HSC111 HSC112 HSC113 HSC114
    HSC115 HSC116      
 11 P42 HSC190 HSC191 HSC192 HSC193  
 12 P46 HSC221 HSC222 HSC223 HSC225 HSC226
 13 P48 HSC261 HSC262 HSC263 HSC265 HSC266
    HSC267 HSC269 HSC270 HSC271 HSC272
 14 P49 HSC281 HSC282 HSC284 HSC285  
 15 P69 HSC323        
 16 P74 HSC304 HSC305