School of Agricultural Sciences
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Sr.No. Prog.
01 C1D AGR101 AGR102 AGR103 AGR104
 02 P18 AGR221 AGR222 AGR223 AGR224
 03 T12 AGR201 AGR202 AGR203 AGR204
04 T14 AGR217 AGR218 AGR219 AGR220
 05 T15 AGR205 AGR206 AGR207 AGR208
 06 T16 AGR209 AGR210 AGR211 AGR212
 07 T17 AGR213 AGR214 AGR215 AGR216
08 T20 AGR225 AGR226 AGR227 AGR228
10 R05 AGR504 AGR505 AGR506