Schools & Divisions
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A school is an academic unit of the University, primarily entrusted with the development of academic programmes. This involves curriculum design as well as the development/selection of instructional material that covers the syllabus for a given programme. The instructional material that is developed by the School consists of both print as well as non-print material in the form of audios, videos, and radio/ TV instruction, satellite-based transmissions, CDs, Virtual Classroom Modules, etc.

There are eight academic schools presently in operation in the university, each being headed by a Director and consisting of academic faculty as well as administrative personnel.




A ‘Division’ in the University is typically an operational unit consisting of sub-units called Centres and Sections. Each Division is headed by a Director. While the Centres under a Division are generally manned by academic/professional personnel, the Sections are typically manned by administrative personnel. Each Division of the University works in close co-ordination with the different academic schools for providing high quality academic services to the students.