School of Humanities and Social Sciences
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School of Humanities & Social Sciences


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  • 2. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair
  • 3. Savitribai Phule Chair
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B.A. Honors

Marathi, English, Hindi, Urdu, Sociology, History, Economics, Psychology, Political Sciences, B.Lib &I.Sc, Public Administration, B.A.(MCJ)

Associate Professor
1. Dr. Umesh Rajderkar

Umesh Rajderkar.bmp Education:- M.A., M.Phil, PGDDE, MADE, Ph.D.
Subject:- Economics
   mob:- 9403774525

2. Prof. Dadasaheb More

dadasaheb_more.bmp Education:- M.A.,(SET)
Subject:- Marathi
Mob:- 9423963862

M.A. Manual
B.A. General

B.A.(Police Administration), B.A. (Road Transportation)

Assistant Professor
1. Prof. Nagarjun Wadekar

nagarjun_wadekar.bmp Education:- M.A., English (NET,SLET)
Subject:- English
Mob:- 9403774535

2.Prof. Ghodeswar Pravin

pravin_ghodeswar.bmp  Education:- M.A.,(Socail Work) (SET,NET)
  Subject:- Gender Studies
  mob:- 9403774530

M.A. Programmes

Marathi, English, Hindi, Urdu, Sociology, History, Economics, Political Sciences, M.A.(Public Administration), M.A.(MCJ), M.S.W.

 Academic Coordinator
1. Mohammad Asif Abdul Rahim

Asif Abdul Rahim.bmp Education:- M.A., Subject Communication, Philosphy, M.lib.& I.Sc.
Subject:- Urdu
Mob:- 9271795919

2. Amol Sudam Deore

deore.jpg Education:- M.A.,(Histiory),M.Ed.,M.S.W.(NET)
Subject:- Socail Work (M.S.W)
mob:- 8308696924

3. Rohit R. Kasbe

rohit_kasabe.bmp Education:- M.A.(MCJ) (SET)
Subject:- Mass-Communication&Journalism
   mob:- 9403774820

Video Lectures  
-  Non-Teaching Staff
1. Mrs.Sheha Ramdasi

sneha_ramdasi.bmp Education:- B.Com
Mob:- 9403774833

2. Sonar Santosh

santosh_sonar.bmp Education:- M.Com
Mob:- 9403774774

3. Pradip Shinde

pradeep_shinde.bmp     Education:- B.A.
    mob:- 9403774610

4. Ravindra Zalse

  Education:- B.A.

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All the Programmes from Preparatory to Professional Programmes are designed and implemented with the holistic view that makes the learner become self-reliant and inculcates within him such values that may induce him to strive for the betterment of the quality of life of all his brethren. The learner is motivated to realize and actualize his / her genuine capabilities and immense potential, accentuated by an extensive use of Information and Communication Technologies and Virtual Education.


The School is committed to liberate the learner by offering a wide spectrum of academic programmes, delivered through a flexible l,earner-centered instructional mode. The School is further fired with the mission of reaching the unreached through the Open and Distance Learning  System so as to cater to the disadvantaged masses and thus contribute to our institutional vision of becoming a ‘Mass varsity’. This is particularly so in view of the fact that the proportion of learners today is increasing at an alarming rate, likewise the boundaries in the realm of education are being expanded to include the entire world. The School therefore pledges its commitment to its mission and endeavours to answer the ever-changing socio-political, economic and educational needs of the society. The School thus visualizes a ‘Knowledge Society’ and is geared towards evolving it.