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About   School of   Education
The School of Education found its legitimate place in the Eight   Schools established right from the beginning of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University. In the formative period itself it quickly responded to the long-awaited demand of in-service school teachers for B.Ed. programme. They were pre-requisite either for their career advancement or for their stability in job. Thus giving the University the prestige to be the first State Open University to launch professional programmes in education.
            We are developed a B.Ed. Programme according to NCTE Regulations 2014 Norms & Standards   (notified on 28.11.2014). This Programme is for in-service teachers careful attention to their longstanding experience, easy accessibility to the field and their own clarity of needs. We wanted to be different as we were Open University and were keen on awarding flexibility, self-direction and autonomy to our students. We wanted to be different as our mode was distance education and which required intensive as well as extensive use of ICT, blended mode of learning. This has given redirection to our efforts. The goad is clear. Although we know that it’s a journey without destination, we cherish in our hearts the eternal words of the Dyanapeeth Award Winner great Marathi poet, Kusumagraj.
            The School of Education came into existence along with the establishment of University. The School of Education in one of the Schools, which is the most responsive to the growing demands of the society. Hence it quickly responded to the need of the B.Ed. programme for in-service primary teachers and launched the same in 1991. The School has been keen on maintaining the quality and standard of  the B.Ed. As becoming “Mass University” is mandatory goad for the YCMOU, the School has decided to explore such thrust areas for the forthcoming programme which will direct have impact on the lower stratum of the society. One of the areas was empowerment and capacity building of ‘Anganwadi Sevikas’. There are more than one lakh Anganwadi Sevikas in Maharashtra, which are working for the help of early Childhood care and education as well as for formation of Self Help Group (SHG) of women in large number of villages in Maharathra. In this context the school of Education developed two Certificate Programmes namely ‘Certificate Programme for Self Help Group Facililitators’ and Certificate programme for Early Childhood Care and Development. In the process of the development of these programmes, the school realized that it has a great deal of capacity, experience and expertise in designing the HRD programmes through distance mode. Our vision reflects this.
Quality Policy
            The School of Education is committed to developing a quality system for all its functions and activities. The system so developed shall encompass all the staff members and other functionaries of the school and shall assign responsibilities, specify procedures for accomplishing and maintaining standards of quality for all the products / services offered by the school. The school shall provide adequate resources - both human and material, for achieving these standards and for establishing the quality management and supervision system for controlling all the processes and ensuring conformity to well laid-down standards.
            The school is committed to developing quality programmes for agencies and resources such as evaluators, teachers, researchers, counsellors, facilitators, trainers, educators and various key persons to enhance their capacities at their workplace through the use of information technology and to maintain to maintain continuous improvement of their efficiency.
We believe that the School of Education will emerge as a nucleus of activities in the sphere of Teacher Education, training and Human Resource Development in the State of Maharashtra. We will exemplify how high quality, innovative programmes in teacher education can be offered through the distance mode. Through our activities, we will disseminate and stabilize innovative ideas while collaborating with Colleges of Education and training institutions and will bring about qualitative in the field of teacher training and education in Maharashtra.
The School is committed to developing high quality academic programmes directed towards capacity building and empowerment for the key functionaries of the formal and non-formal system of education with a view to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the personnel in their respective roles. This will be achieved through distance education programmes strongly supported by ICT effective instructional design.
1.      To develop Academic  & Para-academic human resources in the formal and non-formal education system in Maharashtra through various Distance Education Programme
2.      To Empower the Teachers Educators, Administrators, Managers, Researchers, Evaluators, Facilitators, Learners for their Professional development
3.      To develop Quality Programmes in keeping with Societal needs and demands of key functionaries in formal  and non-formal System of Education.
4.      To orient and train the counsellors from all the study centres in order to implement programmes developed by the School in an effective & Fruitful manner.
Faculty  Profile

Sr. No. Name Photograph of the appointed staff Designation Qualification Subject of Teaching Ph. D. (Education/ Specify the subject) Yes/No Teaching Experience in Years
I Dr.Sanjivani Mahale
A/C Director
   Malale.png Associate Professor
B.Ed., M.Sc, M.Ed., SET,  Ph.D
Science & Math’s Yes
Models of Teaching and Learning style
23 Years
1.                    Dr. Kavita Salunke
Kavita.jpg Assistant Professor
B.Ed.,  M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D
Economics, History & Geography Yes
Teacher Training
23 Years
2.                    Dr.Vijaya Patil  Vijaya Patil.jpg Assistant Professor
B.Ed., ,M.A,M.Ed.,SET, Ph.D
Marathi and Geography  Yes Models of Teaching 22 Years
3.                    Dr. Suresh V. Patil
Suresh.jpg Associate Professor
B.Ed. ,M.A.,M.Ed ,M.Phil, Ph.D
Marathi & English Yes
09 Years in school &23 Years in YCMOU.
4.                    Mr. VijayKumar Kishanrao Paikrao
VijayKumar.jpg Assistant Professor
B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed., SET, NET, M.M.C.J.,  P.G.D.G.T., D.S.M.
Marathi & Geography ------ 21 Years
5.                    Dr.Dayaram DudharamPawar
Dyaram.jpg Assistant Professor
D.S.M., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed, SET, Ph.D
Civics & Marathi Yes, Community Education 05 Years 
6.                    Mr. Sonune S.S.
Sonune.jpg Assistant Professor
B.P.Ed., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed ,NET, DSM
Marathi & History ------- 05 Years
7.                    Dr. Sajjan
Thool .
Sajjan.jpg Assistant Professor
B.Ed., ,M.A.,M.Ed.,NET,SET, Ph.D Marathi & Geography Yes, Teacher Education 17 Years 06 Moths
8.                    Dr.Madhavi Dharankar
Madhavi Dharankar.jpg Assistant Professor
(On Lien)
B.Ed., ,M.Sc., M.Ed., SET, Ph.D
Science & Mathematics Yes
Techno Andragogy
15 Years

School Council Constitution
School of Education has a council, comprises the following.
1.      Director of the school, Chairman.
2.      All professors of the disciplines assigned to the schools of studies, as may be determined by the Academic council, from time to time.
3.      At least four readers, Lecturers assigned to the school, nominated by the Vice-chancellor.
4.      Not more than four Professors, Readers,Lectures from discipline not assigned to the short, nominated by the vice-chancellor.
5.       Note more than five persons, who are not the employees of the University co-opted by the council for their specialized knowledge in any discipline assigned to the school in any alloed branch of knowledge.
6.      One person nominated by the Academic council.