Centre for Collaborations and Special Initiatives
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About  CCSI

The Centre for Collaborations and Special Initiatives (CCSI) was established by the university in December, 2010. This was in recognition of the need to give a sharp thrust to several socially oriented ventures designed for specific target groups. The focus is on catering to the educational needs of different sectors of society, especially the unreached and disadvantaged ones through a wide variety of academic programmes that are not confined to any particular School of Studies.
It is an accepted fact in today’s times that working in isolation is not going to lead us anywhere. With the scarcity of the required human resources in any single university, there is a need for joint ventures and sharing of resources through collaborative arrangements. It is from this point of view to that the Centre for Collaborations and Special Initiatives was created in the university to co-ordinate the development of sustained collaborative relationships.



To empower different sectors of society through need based educational provisions.


To undertake focused initiatives for mainstreaming marginalized groups or communities and for providing a path of upward mobility through skill development or knowledge enhancement for those working in specific service sectors.

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