Frequently asked questions
What is Open Learning?
Does Distance Education have the same status as conventional education?
Is the YCMOU a recognised university?
Is the YCMOU student eligible for UPSC examinations?
Are the YCMOU degrees, diplomas and certificates recognised for Government Jobs?
Where is the YCMOU located?
Do I need to go to Nashik for studying?
Where are the Regional Centres of the university located?
Does the University provide study material?
What is included in the study material?
From where can I receive the study material?
What are the academic programmes and courses offered by the YCMOU?
I have not passed my SSC or HSC. What courses can I take at YCMOU?
How do I register myself with the YCMOU?
What is the registration procedure?
What is counselling?
Where will I get counseling?
Who is the right authority to contact in case of queries?